Hello and welcome to my personal site. It may be an odd thing starting a blog at my age, though I suppose at 43 I am not quite that old. I have seen and learned a lot in my life, and would like this page to be an outlet for that.

victor-puerto-1992As you can see on my About Me page, I used to be a torero (or bull fighter) up until my early 30s. That is also my handsome young self you see on the right back in those days. Since retiring, and not really needing to work anymore, I have spent most of my days learning. That has always been a passion of mine, and we all know that knowledge is power. All my posts will be very much related to those things that I have learned. Though I don’t quite have a concrete theme for my site (and perhaps never will), I can promise you that whatever you will find here in future posts will be engaging and thought provoking. I hope you enjoy!