About Me

My name is Victor Sanchez, and I was born in Granada on July 6, 1974. My nickname comes from my uncle, Gustavo Martinez Puerto, also a matador, who took his second surname fro the name of his hometown, El Cielo del Puerto. When I was a child, my parents move for work to Barcelona, and that is where I spent my childhood.

I killed my first calf on September 11, 1990, a day I very clearly remember. It happened in the village of my father’s family, El Cielo del Puerto. I alternated with my uncle and even made the event poster just below the name of Gustavo Martinez.

In 1990, I made my debut with the costume in the town of Sevilla in a relatively large event. During that season, I had several fights and was announced on posters around town under the name Vic Port. I made my debut with picadors in San Juan on July 20, 1992, by cutting two ears. Our trio also included Jose Martinez and Paco Dudamel. I ended my debut season with 14 heifers, cutting 39 ears, and 3 tails. That is also when I changed my name to Victor Puerto.

In 1993, I performed 20 times and cut 47 ears and tails. On Aug 12, 1994, I debuted on the big stage in Barcelona. Over the next decade, many more events followed. My career ended in 2003 after my season has been cut short due to injury. In all, I have performed 401 times, with 784 ears and 66 tails.

I hope you enjoy my site!