Do You Need Supplements For Healthy Weight Loss?

As I eluded to in an earlier post, I like to stay healthy. That includes making sure my weight is in check. What bugs me though are all the get slim or fit quick products we’re bombarded with every day. Let’s get something clear. You do not need additional supplements to burn fat naturally, although a few of the right ones can greatly help with your health, muscle maintenance and subsequently fat loss (if you are exercising as recommended).

Pills and supplementsYou don’t need any additional drugs or artificial enhancers. If anything, I’d urge you to stay away from these things as they may cause major side effects later. Just do a little in depth research first on anyone that has been known to use drugs to artificially enhance their performance, and you can see how it started affecting them later in life.

Here are a few examples of drugs that are commonly used to improve people’s workout and weight loss programs that I would stay away from:

Caffeine: Yes, caffeine is a drug. I’m not talking about the occasional latte with your friends, but I am speaking about caffeine pills. I find that caffeine just gets you hyperactive and increases your chances of injury during training, among other undesirable effects.

Steroids: Steroids affects the body by increasing nitrogen retention in the muscles, increasing healing and recovery, and affects the mind by promoting thinking that you are invincible. This allows you to work out harder and recover faster. The side effects of steroids include muscles being pulled loose from tendons because the ligaments are too weak to hold back the massive increase in strength in the muscles, your heart and cholesterol levels soaring, fatty acids deposits increase causing heart problems and an increase in blood pressure.

Aspirin: Aspirin reduces soreness but also seems to interfere with the nervous system‘s stimulation of muscles. It also has other side effects including heartburn, stomach irritation (which can lead to bleeding in the stomach), indigestion, pain, and nausea.

Successfully dropping weightRemember, stay away from drugs. The right supplements on the other hand taken in the proper amounts can go a long way to help you lose fat. To convince you, you may want to read up more on the benefits of using supplements for weight loss. I would recommend visiting Garcinia Cambogia In Canada’s website, as they do have an excellent write-up of how to best use diet pills and what results to expect.

Please note, however, if you are not following a holistic exercise and diet program designed to increase your metabolism then don’t bother even considering supplements other than those for your general health. Yes, products like Pure Garcinia Cambogia may marginally help you, but for serious, long-term weight loss there is just no way around being active and eating well. Take that for what it’s worth.

Try Something New To Stay Healthy

Staying In Good ShapeWhat a way to start a post. Yes, that is Arnold being tutored by a ballet dancer. The gist is, try something new. You may be surprised at what you learn.

I have been doing my best to stay healthy and in shape. You don’t need to try ballet of course (I have not). But, the trick is to get out of your routine, try a few classes of something different you’d like to try out, and give them a shot. Even if you don’t plan to stick with them; even if you only try them once. First off, it gets your body out of its established patterns and jumpstarts development in other neglected areas of your fitness. Second of all, and more importantly, you may learn a thing or two that could supplement your current routine.

Say you’re a competitive bodybuilder (not that I was, am or ever will be). Getting the perfect, statuesque physique is likely 80% of your battle. But what about posing routines? The movie Pumping Iron opens with bodybuilding legends Franco Columbu and Arnold Schwarzenegger getting tips from a ballet dancer on how to improve their poses and gracefulness of movement. Heck, if Arnold cross-trained, so should all of us.

And it’s not just for bodybuilders or the general gym-going crowd either. Think of the different sports and how a skill emphasized in one can significantly benefit performance in the other? Those high jumps to the net in volleyball have helped many in their transition to basketball. Football players sprint from one end of the field to the other like a track and field player. The combinations are endless, but you’ll be able to find these complementary skills and see their benefits only if you try things out.

So, be fearless. Dance, lift, stretch, fight, jump up and down.

In my life, other than bull fighting, I have tried a number of activities I can’t remember off the top of my head. Today, what has stuck with me and what I use to stay in shape are the weights and high-intensity boot camp workouts. But as streamlined as my current activities are, I can’t deny that plenty of what enables me to pursue my passions have been taught to me by things I simply stumbled upon. You won’t know until your try!


Hello and welcome to my personal site. It may be an odd thing starting a blog at my age, though I suppose at 43 I am not quite that old. I have seen and learned a lot in my life, and would like this page to be an outlet for that.

victor-puerto-1992As you can see on my About Me page, I used to be a torero (or bull fighter) up until my early 30s. That is also my handsome young self you see on the right back in those days. Since retiring, and not really needing to work anymore, I have spent most of my days learning. That has always been a passion of mine, and we all know that knowledge is power. All my posts will be very much related to those things that I have learned. Though I don’t quite have a concrete theme for my site (and perhaps never will), I can promise you that whatever you will find here in future posts will be engaging and thought provoking. I hope you enjoy!